Ayurveda is concerned with the prevention of all dis-ease as well as the healing of all dis-eases, pain and discomfort using proven ancient healing methods.

“AYURVEDA” in Sanskrit means “science of Life” Ayurs : Life Veda : science Ayurveda is concerned with almost every aspect of life:

Diet and healthy eating for individual needs: Ayurvedic cooking

Lifestyle and body care: Daily regimen
Exercise and discipline: Yoga
Mental clarity & spirituality: Meditation
The breath of Life: Prana Yama

Ayurveda today is fast gaining popularity all over the world. Many find this ancient healing art most effective in regaining and maintaining health and well being.

Ayurveda treats the underlying cause of disease not just symptoms. The treatments are highly individualised according to the patients Doshic imbalances. The principle of opposite qualities are applied to achieve healing.

Ayurveda regards a person as a whole multifaceted being. Disease will always manifest on a subtle energetic level before it manifests in the body. To achieve Health and Healing on the deepest level all must be brought back to balance. The Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Ayurveda has continuously been practised according to the original scriptures for more than 5000 years. Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita the two main preceptors of Ayurveda compiled the knowledge into written text. Prior to that Ayurvedic knowledge and practise was recounted in the Arthava Vedas. Marmapuncture the Ayurvedic needle therapy or acupuncture, was mentioned in these old scriptures.

Let us show you how the food you eat can be a major factor in your journey to optimal health. Eating the correct foods at the correct times and intervals can help you combat some of our times most debilitating conditions; Fatigue, stress, anxiety, digestive disorders, hormonal dysfunction, obesity, lowered immunity, menstrual problems, debilitating menopause symptoms, sinusitis, diabetes Type 2, immune function disorders, infertility and many more.

AYURVEDA is a profoundly nurturing healing art.

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