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My name is Karina, I am the owner and founder of Chandana Ayurveda health and wellness centre. I would like to introduce myself to offer a more personal view, as I understand that stepping into a wellness journey is a very important decision, as is the choice of whom to seek guidance from.I grew up in Denmark, Europe in the 60ies-70ies. Exiting times!

My own growth & wellness journey started in my early 20ies when I enrolled in a yoga class 6 month after having birthed my first baby. Doing regular yoga affected me profoundly in terms of opening me up to my spiritual path. My yoga teacher inspired me deeply as did her friend who was a healer.

This was in 1981 so the holistic wellness scene was in its infant stage at least in the province of Denmark where I was. While participating at a yoga detox fasting retreat I had a powerful vision which led to my life changing and continuously evolving from then onwards.

My own personal growth journey took me through many beautiful and at times very confronting corners of the world in my external as well as internal travels. I went to art school and became a potter. I lived in Greece exploring mountain temples and ancient sacred sites. I trained with various amazing teachers, Astrology, Tarot and later with a shaman for 3 years. I was in central America exploring ancient Maya temples. I did a certified training in 1991 with Vita Storborg at Uranus centre Denmark, in all aspects of healing; Crystal & energy healing, dream analysis, massage and more.

I had an amazing opportunity to live in a spiritual community in Italy and France 1992-94 with our spiritual teacher and energy master Michael Barnett. I also met my life partner there with whom I run regular retreats and meditation groups. We arrived in Fremantle 1994

and started our life here. I was at this time a professional photographer and worked in that capacity until 2010

Ayurveda came into my life as yet another blessing. It has completed my circle. I studied in Perth and India. In my view Ayurveda is one of the most beautiful and effective modalities of natural medicine.

It offers nourishment, detoxification and maintenance of health on all levels of being. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Ayurveda brings so much wisdom and depth. A gift from the Gods as the ancient text states.

Mid 2018 I started getting involved with hypnotherapy work. I have always been intrigued by and interested in hypnosis and started looking into a bit deeper. This resulted in me enrolling into a course early 2019. Hypnotherapy is a fascinating and exiting new tool that I have spent the best part of a year integrating. I now offer this as an additional tool to help people on their health and wellness journey. Pls refer to review section to read how this modality has helped others.

And here I am. Now, more than ever I am living my early vision. I view it as a privilege to help others regain health on every level of being. It truly makes my heart sing when I can help a person reconnect to their own wellness potential and in return, hear their heart sing with radiant Joy. I would be honoured to contribute with all that I am in your health and wellness journey


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