“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


An initial consult which takes 60-80 minutes. We discuss your current and past state of health and any possible symptoms in detail. We will go through the various body systems to also detect any early signs and symptoms of Doshic imbalances. We especially focus on the digestive system as any imbalance in this area usually is the first sign of Doshic disturbance. Untreated this could lead to un-wellness and disease. You receive a comprehensive diet and lifestyle sheet with individual recommendations via email following consultation


80-90 minutes $130

Follow consultation

Recommended after 3 weeks to make sure dietary recommendations have been implemented, herbal medicine is working as expected and health is improving.


30 minutes $40 60 min $60

Tongue Diagnosis

Is used to determine current state of health in the various body systems. The tongue shows a picture of what is currently going on in the body and if there are Toxins present in the digestive tract that need to be cleared.



You may need to take herbs for a while to eleminate any imbalances and coach your system back to good health. Our Ayurvedic Herbs are organic medicinal grade. They are dried unprocessed and very potent. Amazing results can often be achieved for even severe conditions.


We stock a variety of traditional ayurvedic medicines, tongue cleaners, Tailams etc.
Look at our product page or ask if you are looking for a particular product


You will following the consult receive a diet chart with specific food items to help treat your specific Doshic imbalances. This will help you choose a diet that will support your journey back to good health. It will be an essential tool you can use continuously for maintenance of health and wellbeing or to deal with any future health problems.

Life style

You will via email receive a lifestyle sheet which will be a daily guideline to achieving optimal health for you personally. There will be advise on spices to use and preparation recommendations to help bring your body back to a balanced state of being. Simple recipes will also be available.

Pulse Diagnosis

Is used to establish Prakruthi/Vikriti  Balance/imbalance and determine any weakness in the energy flow through the organs and  Nadis. Often imbalances can be detected before any physical symptoms are present.


At Chandana Ayurveda we offer a wide range of  traditional therapeutic treatments in our tranquil clinic setting. As all treatments are used for a specific  purpose to treat imbalances we will discuss which ones are suitable in each individual case during the initial consultation.

Treatments are also available separately and are an ideal way to nourish all body tissues as well as re-balancing the mind and treat stress

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