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Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool that can be used to aligning your sub-conscious mind with the choices you make with your conscious mind. When we embark on a journey of change, to embody the person we aspire to become, we very quickly realise that while some habits and patterns we have are easy enough to change, others seem to be a whole other story. 

Say you decide you want to become more healthy and you want to make better food choices  and start to lead a more active life with regular yoga or other exercise routines.

You start out well the first week perhaps even going strong into the second week. You feel great, you have more energy and your body and mind feels lighter. You feel happy and strong and proud of yourself. You may even have lost a few kilos already. You feel proud of your efforts and decide you wan to keep going.

Then in week 3  you are more busy at work or you may have more social engagements or someone gives you some a hard time or  whatever it may be. You immediately experience cravings for sugar or whatever your comfort food might be. Or perhaps it is that bottle of wine at night or the cigarettes. You realise that the old habits were there for a reason. They were your way of coping with life and all its challenges. A way of self soothing and calming your nervous system.

Your resolve has now slipped and all the good work of the first two weeks is out the window. 

You start making excuses  to yourself and eating less ideal foods or not getting out walking or doing yoga. You say to yourself, I will be back on track Monday. Then comes Monday and something else happens and 2 month later you are still not back in your good routine. You feel a sense of failure and defeat. It is just too hard to be well and healthy. I need my comfort and coping tools.

What if there is a way that you could have these patterns completely rewired? A way to have your subconscious mind support you.


This is where hypnotherapy can be extremely valuable. It is a fantastic tool to reprogram the unconscious mind. And in case you did not know this. Our unconscious mind runs the show!

While choosing a healthy lifestyle is easy for some people it can be very challenging for others. It may be that healthy food and lifestyle was not valued in your childhood environment or perhaps you in your early teenage years established patterns or addictions to food, alcohol or smoking or whatever your coping tool might have been. You probably had a very good reason at the time for this  but now you want to change.

In the initial short interview which can be done via phone call and is a free service, we will discuss issue you would like to work on. We will decide on a plan of action and set up a time for your appointment.  If you have a number of issues you would like to address I may suggest that you join a treatment program personalised for you. Session fee will be reduced if you commit to a treatment program.

The above example is just that, an example. I do help people with various different issue and you may have more than one issue you would like help to work on. I



Undesireable Habits


New carrier choices

Negative thought patterns


Various health issues

Spiritual connection

Indecision and choice making

Gain clarity on a certian issue or situation

and more


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