Detox for body and mind       

“mother of all detoxes”

Is the Ayurvedic process of a cleanse that ultimately purifies all body tissues and systems at a very deep level. Is recommended to do yearly even twice a year autumn and spring. A good routine is to do a full Pk yearly and a smaller detox at the other season. Panchakarma five actions. Panchakarma will remove excess doshas and correct imbalances as well as eliminate any harmful ama (toxins) out of your system through the body’s organs and channels of elimination (colon, sweat glands, lungs, bladder, urinary tract, stomach, intestines, colon. The entire process is tailored very specifically for each individual to treat and detox specific imbalances and build up of ama.

The Process of Panchakarma

Initial consultation

Step 1 To start a panchakarma process an initial consultation is needed.

In the consultation we establish suitable level and length of detox. In certain cases a process focusing on rejuvenation will be recommended depending on strength of individual and the state of Ojas.

Following the initial consult a herbal will be recommended so as to start the detox process and loosen the Ama, lodged in the various tissues.

Deepana parchana

Step 2 is a process where you will be given a specific spice mix to take daily before food. This will be preparing and building the digestive fire, agni, to better digest ama when released from tissues. Diet now needs to be monitored and foods such as coffee, alcohol, sugar, meat and various other no ideal foods are being eliminated. This process takes about 4-6 days.

In this time you can choose to do either a 6 day Liver/Gallbladder detox to prepare for panchakarma or as a minimum do an Epsom salt purge as preparation for purvakarma.

Step 3  Ghee intake for 3-4 days  a medicated ghee is administered in increasing intervals to  help collect the ama. For Vegans cocnut oil can be used for this process.

DIET: Panchakarma diet of Kitchari  moong dhal soup or moong dhal with basmati rice. This is a mono diet regimen which allows the digestive system to relax and be able to freely detox. Diet is soothing and calming with individual Dosha correcting spices used and any vegetables used should be alkalising and mildly detoxing.


Minimum 3 days usually

5 days occasionally longer

Step 4  Purvakarma is the in clinic pre-panchakarma oil and steam treatments. Usually daily for 5 days. This part is very pleasant and relaxing part of the journey. Snehana oil massages followed by Swedana steam treatments are administered to help loosen the ama, clear the srhota, and to pacify Vata. Traditional ayurvedic treatments such as Shiro dhara, Kati Basti, Pinda Sweda, Nasya etc are an essential part of the treatment regimen period.

The  purgative therapies

Step 5 Is the evacuation stage of PK all toxins are now expelled

Vamana induced vomiting is used to expel Kapha out of the chest, head, throat, sinuses. Use in congestion of chest, asthma, bronchitis etc.  


Is optional and not routinely offered in this clinic

Virechana     Bowel cleansing therapy. A medicated oil is used to purge for one day. All toxins collected to this stage through the previous therapies are now expelled. 


This process clears toxins out of the colon the mind and emotions you will feel significantly lighter and clearer afterwards. Only very light soup is had later in day otherwise only warm water is sipped.

Treats especially all Pitta imbalances     

Skin rashes, heat & inflammation in the system, irritation and agitation, any liver and gall bladder issues, arthritis, hot flushes, digestive problems such as constipation and diarrhoea, hormonal imbalances, menstrual issues, boosts fertility and longevity and offers great wellbeing in general. Can also be used leading up periods to treat heavy bleeding with cramping, PMS and water retention. It re-establishes proper downward movement of the digestive tract.

Anuvasana Basti   

Sesame oil Basti is a nourishing enema that rejuvenates and calms the entire body. Is especially used for Vata dosha and is give alternating Niruha Basti during the panchakarma process. This is a very calming and relaxing treatment.

Treats all Vata problems like stress, insomnia, anxiety, sciatica, lower back pain, dryness internally and externally, fatigue, debility, pain and failure to thrive

Niruha Basti  

Detox basti prepared using herbal decoction sesame oil etc   is administered alternating days with anuvasana Basti. Toxins are drawn out of the colon to clear all the ama that as been loosened. Generally a process of 5-8 days in total with alternating bastis is recommended. Can sometimes be longer depending on symptoms being treated. Is best used following Virechana purgation. Treats all Vata issues. Lower back aches, sciatica, lack of energy, Fatigue, insomnia, stress, adrenal stress, hormonal imbalance, period pain and irregularity, feeling of heaviness and bloating. A course of bastis can also be used to relieve symptoms in parkinsons and dementia and other diseases and abilities of the mind.

Nasya karma   

Is a process of administering medicated oil into the nose to clear the sinuses, congestion, sinusitis, hay fever, headaches, treats vocal cords, and certain throat issue.

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