Love coming to see Karina. I have never felt better since following the ayurvedic life style and taking the herbs. I can’t recommend the hot stone massage enough, it is the best I have had.

Jen Dooney

Love coming to see Karina. I have never felt better since following the ayurvedic life style and taking the herbs. I can’t recommend the hot stone massage enough, it is the best I have had.

Jen Dooney

I have been treated on numerous occasions by Karina, and have been impressed by her knowledge and care, and the skill by which she has cared for me. Karina’s impeccable professionalism harnesses the evident passion she has for Ayurveda, health and wellness.


Janet Westell

Karina is a wonderful Ayurvedic practitioner. I have been consulting her for advice and treatment for a number of years and have always benefited from her advice and knowledge. Karina offers a range of great treatments and massages that heal, balance and re energize in times of illness, stress or fatigue. She brings intuitive intelligence, attention to detail, and a personal style that makes you feel cared for and truly nurtured. I highly recommend a visit.


Mia Lalanne

Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, Claremont Medical Centre

Thank you so much Karina for your help and amazing recommendations!


Your beautiful herbs worked their magic and put my body & mind back into balance. I am very grateful for all the time and precious advice you gave me. I will definitely keep recommending you to my family & friends!

Thank You



My husband and I went to see Karina for Pancha Karma treatment before we were going to try for our first baby.


I was a little skeptical before I met Karina about what kind of treatment I would receive in Australia and whether the treatment would be as authentic as what I could get in India. Since I didn’t have any options, I looked on google for Ayurveda practitioners and found 2. I chose Karina because she was very helpful with providing information over the phone and explaining the process and she was also very flexible in accommodating our schedule and we could get the full treatment without it affecting our daily routine too much.

We met with Karina for our initial consultation and I was immediately at ease. She knew what she was talking about and was very forthcoming with information and very patient in answering all our questions.

We started the Pancha Karma treatment which is quite intense and something that really requires the right guidance and support. Karina was amazing. She was always there day or night on the phone to answer our questions. Even on weekends she would check up on us to make sure we were doing okay. I sent her countless emails asking her advice and she always replied promptly and in thorough detail.

The treatments that we had with her were so soothing. She is very nurturing but also professional. We always felt really great after.

Even after we completed the treatment she was there for us with any questions we had.

Soon after, I was easily able to conceive and Karina welcomed any questions I had.

We have decided that we will see Karina once a year for the treatment and all my initial doubts about getting Ayurveda treatment in Australia are gone.


Ushma Joshi McKie

Director , Tax-Aid | Financial Adviser - Sitara Financial Planning

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IKarina is incredible. I felt completely balanced and rejuvenated after my massage. Total realignment of my body, truly amazing. I highly recommend Ayurveda with Karina. Thank you so much

Laura Isabella

The treatments and care that I have received by Karina have been exceptional. Her ability to utilise a multitude of skills for healing and pain relief have been so effective for my health. I highly recommend working with Karina for better health and wellbeing.

Lea Hopper

Over recent months I had been suffering from burning in my joints and I could feel the inflammation building. Karina was recommended to me and I am so delighted. I undertook my first ever detox with her special guidance and constant advice. I never felt hungry and the result is that all the pain has gone. I have more energy and am more conscious about what I am eating. I cannot thank her enough for her expertise and gentle encouragement.

Gail Hawes

II just completed a Panchakarma seasonal detox program with Karina. The only regret  I have is to have waited for decades before giving my body

the ultimate gift of rejuvenation. I feel grounded, calm and I am amazed at the amount of energy and clarity I have. Oh and yes! I am able to fall asleep at a reasonable time and not wake until morning. I am so grateful I gave myself this life changing experience. Thank you Karina for your healing touch.


Alexis Keynes

I have known Karina for almost 5 years now. She is a wonderful knowledgable person. She has helped me greatly with my health issues varying from postpartum to hormonal, PMS issues, IBS, Dosha imbalances and  a lot more. Modern medicine did not help me it just caused a butterfly of so many side effects. I have gotten the best results so far with all the herbs and Ayurveda treatments and by simply just following her advice.

Reshma Patel

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