Our Philosophy


Chandana Ayurveda is a holistic health and wellness clinic dedicated to supporting our clients with very individualised care. We are committed to your wellness journey and will do our utmost to make the experience one of joy and celebration.

Chandana is Sanskrit for Sandalwood A sacred scented wood used for meditation and enlightenment practice since thousands of years

Karina Thullesen


Karina has an Advanced Diploma of Ayurvedic medicine with post grad in Marmapuncture/Ayurvedic acupuncture, Sira Vedana.


Karina Thullesen has studied the ancient art of Ayurveda at AIHM in Perth and at SDM Dharmasthala Ayurveda hospital in Udupi, Karnataka, India and is doing ongoing training with Dr Rama Prasad.


Karina is an experienced practitioner of Ayurveda with a great love and passion for the age old medicine. She uses pulse and tongue diagnosis as well as extensive case taking for correct Ayurvedic diagnosis. Karina offers individual unique care of patients with very close monitoring throughout the healing process. Ayurveda offers very individualised healing programs with diet and lifestyle especially designed to balance Doshas, expell ama, toxins and rejuvenate the body and mind.

The Clinic


We are located in a quiet area of Beaconsfield close to South Fremantle. The clinic is spacious light and purpose built with all equipment for Ayurveda treatments. We offer accommodation for Panchakarma retreats in our airbnb apartment or in a private room within clinic area.


With the use of the ancient practice of Ayurveda I will help you understand how your personal health can be optimized and offer you the tools needed to be successful long term. We will look at any potential imbalances in your system and how simple it can be to use food & spices you anyway have in your kitchen, common sense lifestyle and healthy daily routines to stay in a balanced state of health.

Ayurveda has so much to offer and will help you understand your own body in a new and very profound way. Vibrant health and wellbeing the most likely outcome.

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