Mahanaryana Tailam 500ml
Ayurvedic medicated oil External. Use For pain and rheumatic issues. TriDoshic Especially Vata balancing
Dhanwantaram Tailam 500ml
Ashwagandha Aristam is a Tonic for the nervous system. It helps for all Vata imbalances. It promotes sleep, helps in all stress problems, builds strength and vitality, helps memory, fatigue, piles and is good for indigestion
Triphaladi Tailam 200ml
Ayurvedic hair and head oil used for dry hair, split ends, dry scalp and for headaches and sinus issues. Also used for any issues with ear , and shiro dhara
Brahmi Tailam 500ml
Brahmi oil is great mind for the mind. Can be used for head and scalp to calm and clear the mind. Used for shiro dhara and daily head massage. promotes memory clears brain fog
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Balarishtam 500ml
Strengthens the nervous system and builds resilience and stamina. Is used mainly in neurological disorders. Balances Vata
Aswagandharishtam 500ml
Good digestive calming and soothing used in IBS, fevers, diahrrhea, intestinal bleeding, Crohns disease and hemoroids. It strengthens digestion and helps cool the system. Balances Pitta
Kutajarishtamm 500ml
Good digestive calming and soothing used in IBS, fevers, diahrrhea, intestinal bleeding, Crohns disease and hemoroids. It strengthens digestion and helps cool the system. Balances Pitta
Dhanwantararishtam 500ml
Used in postnatal care for mother. Treats all gynecological disorders, nervous system disorders, facial paralysis, paraplegia, numbness, lower back ache and other Vata disorders
Asokarishtam 500ml
Is used for womens health issues to correct menstrual cycle and bleeding.
Treats heavy menstrual bleeding, cramping, as well as post menopausal problems like hot flushes
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Chandraprabha Vatika 2 pack
Formulated Ayurvedic herbal medicine Indications: UTI, burning sensation of urinary system, strengthens kidney and bladder function, prostate enlargement and other prostate issue, kidney stones
Kaisoraguggulu Vatika 100 tbl
Ayurvedic herbal formulation treats skin and joint issues pain and arthritis psoriatic arthritis
Dhanwantaram Kwatam 100tbl
Ayurvedic formulated herbal medicine
Indications: Vata balancing, Thyroid issues, adrenal tonic, builds glands, spinal tissue repair
Sukumaram Kwatham 200ml
Ayurvedic herbal gugulu formulation treats all female reproductive issues. Menorrhaghia, PMT, cramping, irregular cycle, also good for balancing hormones after menopause
Varanadi Kwatham 100tpl
I used to treat cholesterol, obesity, indigestion and fatty liver syndrome. Has dieuretic actions treast lympatic system and is effectively used in a weightloss program in conjunction with diet and exercise program
Gandharvahastadi Kashayam 200ml
Used for digestive issues such as constipation, bloating, distention of abdommens. Has a mild purgative action and improves bowel motility
Kanchanara Guggulu
Ayurvedic herbal gugulu formular breaks through all blockages treats ovarian cysts and other obstructions treats thyroid issues
Ashtachurnam 500ml
Is a digestive powder used to help bloating, indigestion, constipation and general low agni, digestive fire. Balances Vata and kapha may increase Pitta
Aswagandhadi Lehyam 500gm
Ayurvedic jam that builds strength and stamina. treats adrenals, thyroid issues, fatigue, hormonal issues, promotes male fertility and boosts libido for both male and female. Treats stress and insomnia
Virataradi Kashayam 200ml
specific formulation used in urinary calculy and kidney stones treats pain and discomfort is Vata balancing
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Dasamula Rasayanam 500ml
Ayurvedic tonic is building and strengthening good for lungs and bones. Treats asthma, breathing problems, common cold, rhinitis, hoarseness, bronchitis, and cough
Chavayanprash 500gm
Is The Ayurvedic Jam. It is a Rasyana it builds immune system, very high Vitamin C content, builds strength, helps iron absortion good against anemia and builds and strengthens the lungs and their function.
Shatavari Gulam 200gm
A sweet paste that helps in female fertility, menopause, and all issues with irregular menstruation
Uterus, Ovaries
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Rendu 28 80ml
Renu 28 is the ultimate skin gel. It treats all skin problems, rashes, exema, psoraiasis, acute inflammation, insect bites, rosacea and hives. Can be used for any pain, acute or more chronic. Helps for tension in neck and head, promotes sleep and treats aleviates pain from arthritis
Asea 500ml
Redox signalling molecules product. Is rejuvenative anti inflammatory, treats fatigue, all skin problems like psoraiasis, exema, rosacea, granulum annulare, insect bites, acute swelling, inflammation, arthritis
Organic Tumeric Powder 100gm
Organic Tumeric
Indications: Digestive, liver tonic & detox, anti inflammatory,
External uses: Skin and wound healer, Sore throat gargle with salt and warm wate
Copper Tongue scraper 500ml
Copper tongue scraper is for daily clearing of toxins and to boost the digestion and restore fresh breath
Dental Cream 500ml
Ayurvedic Neem toothpaste
Anutailam 500gm
Nasya oil used for sinus congestion, hayfever, headaches. promotes clarity of mind and clears and purifies the voice
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