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Shiro Dhara


Ancient traditional Ayurvedic treatment. Warm oil poured continuously on the forehead. This is one of the most relaxing Ayurvedic treatments. Helps settle the mind, relieves stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, High Blood pressure, balances Vata Is done following a full body massage.

Length for full treatment is 2 hours $220 Shirodhara oil needs to be purchased for this treatment price varies depending on length of hair etc btw $50-$80 Will last for 3-5 treatments.


Nasal oil drops applied into both nostrils following a head and facial massage and gentle steam. Is a very effective treatment for all head and sinus issues. Sinusitis, chronic or acute, blocked nose, polyps, hay fever, headache and migraines as well as asthma.Is sometimes combined with marmapuncture to achieve very fast healing.

Nasya 20min $ 45
Nasya & earfilling 30min $ 55

Warm oil ear treatment $35

Facial marma therapy, Nasya & ears 70min $130

Pinda Sweda


A very nurturing and building treatment. Rice boluses/herbal are used for massaging the body with warm milk, oil and special herbs to help restore muscle strength and vitality. Is especially good post injury, post partum or post trauma to the physical and emotional body. Helps patient regain strength after chemo therapy and long term illness. Is a very good geriatrics treatment.

Includes an Abyangar oileation massage 2.5 -3 hours

$270 with 2 therapists & 1 therapist $250

Nadi Sweat

Localized steam treatment used primarily on spinal column or joints.Treats pain inflammation & swelling. Pushes the medicated oils deeper into the tissues to help release tension and pain. Is a very relaxing and nourishing treatment. Time can vary depending on needs

Standard 20 min $35

Hot stone massage


A very nurturing warming massage especially good in the colder seasons.

60minutes $110 & 90 minutes $135

Netra Basti


Ghee is retained in a special reservoir made with wheat or black gram dough placed around the eyes. A very cooling treatment for the eyes. Relieves irritated, burning, tired and dry eyes. It improves eyesight, nourishes & strengthens the eye.

30min $85 includes Ghee

Bashpa Sveda- Steam Box

20 minutes seated in a therapeutic steam box will DETOX and speed up the body’s metabolism. It helps the process of weight loss, keeps skin tight and elastic and alleviates dry skin. It relaxes muscles and tendons and Is traditionally enjoyed after a full body massage. Bashpa team box is integral in the Panchakarma detox regimen as it loosens and releases toxins from deep within the tissues.

20 min treatment $35

Abhyangar – Ayurvedic warm oil massage

A full body massage including hot stone sequences on the back. The ultimate massage experience. Is very warming, nourishing, relaxing and therapeutic, balancing the entire body on every level. Treats stress, anxiety, aches and pains, insomnia, restlessness and more. Opens the energy flow through all the channels and is deeply relaxing. It calms the mind and treats Vata imbalances especially. Is suitable and recommended for all Doshas. Sesame or medicated herbal oils are used. Full body incl head massage


85 minutes $135 oils included

Kati Basti


Is best done after a full body massage but can be done with just a back massage. A Dam (Basti) is made out of dough and placed on the lumbar region. Warm medicated oil is poured in and exchanged with warm oil when needed. Treats any lower back pain, sciatica, bulging disc, menstrual issues, menopause discomfort, infertility etc. Kati Basti is a very nourishing warming treatment. The oils are anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Including full body massage 2 hours $215
30min Kati 30 min head & back massage $125
Medicated oils for Kati Basti cost $ 20

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